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Space-Saving Pets for Seniors

Posted by Alyssa Ball on Aug 21, 2018 5:30:00 PM

Senior woman in red sweater holding a guinea pig

Seniors often enjoy having animal companions just as much as young adults and families. Unfortunately, due to space, they may not have a lot of room for a dog. Cats may be a smaller pet but still require a litter box, which can take up space and produce an odor if not properly maintained. Traditional animals may not be the best bet for seniors, but there are still some great animals that are perfect for the senior who does not have a lot of space to work with. Here's a list of 4 options. 

Betta Fish

A betta fish are some of the easiest pets to care for. They don't need a huge bowl and can do without the filtration system other fish require. Seniors can set the bowl or tank on their dresser, nightstand, table, television stand, or even on a bookshelf to save space. Seniors will love watching their betta fish swim around the tank. 


Many lizards only require a 10-gallon tank to be happy. Tree lizards and leopard geckos are just some examples. Most lizards are very easy to take care of, and the tanks can be set up out of the way. Reptiles might not be for everyone, but they can make good companions for seniors who enjoy their company. 

Mice and Rats

We don't always consider mice and rats to be pet material, but they actually make great pets. Mice and rats are curious and social. They will play with one another and keep you entertained for hours. They also don't require a lot of space to run around.


Gerbils are also very social animals and can learn to enjoy being with their owner. They are fun to watch and interact with. They only require minimal space—perfect for a senior who may have a smaller home or apartment. 

If your senior needs help with pet care, or any other activities, we can help. At Caring Senior Service we are always ready to help seniors and their families by providing professional advice and services. As you consider ways to give support to your aging parents or relatives, consider including us in your plans. Contact our care team today

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