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Smart Homes: Devices for Senior Loved Ones

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Sep 4, 2018 3:01:00 PM

Male hands holding tablet with smart home app controls

When it comes to caring for your senior parents or a loved one, you constantly worry about their health and safety. Fortunately, technology can ease your mind. From smart televisions to fridges that let you see who is at the door, smart devices touch each part of the home and make daily activities easier for seniors. Check out this list of smart devices to help make your senior loved one's life easier. 

1. Smart Appliances

Seniors can have difficulty with remembering small tasks, like turning off the stove. Smart appliances allow you to turn appliances and lights off remotely from your phone. A savvy senior can use the app to preheat the oven from the comfort of the couch or check the washing machine.

2. Alexa

Alexa is the a must-have for every home. Your senior loved one can use this smart device for reminders, to check the weather, to play games, to hear stories and to send messages. This hub can also manage other smart devices in the home. 

3. Smart Security Cameras

If your senior loved one lives alone and has balance or mobility issues, then you may worry about their safety. A smart security camera can be set up in areas where a fall might occur, such as the kitchen or stairs, so you can check your senior's well-being from your phone. You may want to ask for their permission before installing a video camera. 

4. Smart Pillbox

Medication is essential for many seniors, but it can be difficult to manage. A smart pillbox helps you ensure that your senior loved one is taking their pills on time and correctly. If your parent misses a dose or takes the wrong one, the smart pillbox sends a text or email to you. 

In addition to the smart technology we mentioned, there are many other products that can help seniors stay happy, healthy, and at home. To learn more about other products and new technologies, download our eBook: Senior Care Products of the Future. 

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