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4 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Seniors

Posted by Michael Watson on Nov 6, 2018 3:20:00 PM

Two seniors side by side doing crunches indoors

Is your loved one ready to get back into exercising after an illness or injury? Maybe they haven't exercised in a long time because they felt as if it just wasn't necessary after they retired. Whatever the reason, the benefits of exercising far outweighs any drawbacks. Exercising should be an activity that seniors commit to regularly, and making it a fun experience will help keep them interested and motivated. Read on for reasons why exercising is great for seniors of all age.


Many seniors are taking prescription and/or over-the-counter medications that can cause sleep issues at night. Exercising during the day will help the body feel more relaxed and tired when it is time to go to bed, leading to better sleep overall.


Seniors can lose their endurance as they age. Exercising regularly will help them bring their endurance levels back up, which will then lead to a better quality of life. They will feel better and be able to participate in daily activities longer and easier thanks to the endurance they gained during exercise.


Muscle loss, known as Sarcopenia, is a common occurrence for seniors over the age of 50. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits of this condition. Regular exercise will begin to strengthen the muscles and will build muscle mass.

Weight Loss

A sedentary lifestyle, medications, and simple aging can all lead to weight gain for seniors. Any type of exercise, strength training or cardio, will help seniors shed some unwanted pounds. Losing weight also has the added bonus of decreasing your risk of serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Remember, you or your loved one should always talk to a doctor before beginning any type of exercise regimen. If you need some ideas for exercises, check out our infographic on exercises to help seniors with balance

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